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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Allied Powers House Rules

Please Note: This should be considered a Living Document, subject to change and update as appropriate.

Safety and Site Rules (aka The stuff you should already know)

1. No alcohol, drugs, or other illicit substances will be permitted at Allied Powers. Any player appearing to be under the influence of said substances will be ejected from game. Continued violation of this rule will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including permanent barring from the game and Drug or Alcohol intervention by the violator’s friends and Staff.
2. No weapons, or weapon replicas, will be permitted at Allied Powers.

3. Physical contact, other than a brief handshake, with other players is allowed only with mutual permission. Staff will attempt to gather this information on their behalf before game. Any non permitted contact will be dealt with in a disciplinary manner.

4. Out of Game Harassment of any manner will not be permitted. This includes harassing In Game when it would not be appropriate or to the level that you make someone uncomfortable Out of Game

5. All food and drink and their containers brought into game must be policed and disposed of by the individual bringing them. A trash receptacle will be provided for you.

6. All smoking must be done outside in designated areas. Dispose of all smoking refuse in site designated receptacles. If these are not provided, you are responsible for their disposal.

7. If anything on site is damaged, please let a staff member know ASAP.

8. If any player is injured or requires medical attention, please let a staff member know ASAP.

9. We try to leave site better than how we found it. Please try to do the same.

10. Please respect and follow all other rules and regulations that the site may require.

11. This game may involve sensitive or adult subject matter. Please talk to the staff if you are uncomfortable with what is going on in a scene. If we are unable to alter the scene or subject matter, staff can remove you from the scene with no penalty to you.

12. Abuse of rule #11 will not be tolerated. It’s one thing to be uncomfortable about the scene depicting a death camp; it’s something else completely to try to get out of a scene because something went badly for you.

Gameplay and Conduct rules (aka the Stuff we would like you to know)

1. All rulings by the ST are final. The ST running the scene in question is the final authority. No ST will overrule another.

2. Arguing, berating, or otherwise harassing the ST because of a ruling or other matter is unacceptable. If you have a concern with a call or other ruling, expressing your question or concern in a calm, mature manner is expected. The ST may request that you keep your question until the end of the scene. It is expected that you do so.

3. Should the ST’s request to keep your question until the end of a scene result in a power or ability not working the way you think or want it to, please see rule #1.
All traits, abilities, backgrounds, powers, etc, available to players at character creation are available only from The Laws of the Hunt, revised (The Big Red Book). No other source material will be permitted at character creation, nor shall any other source be accepted without prior ST approval.

4. Upon arriving at your first game, you must provide for Staff a viable and active email address with which we can communicate with you. This will be the only address that we use. Check it often!

5. XP will be awarded in between games. These will be awarded by email. All XP expenditures are required to be approved and can be done so via email. All XP expenditures must be received no later than 3 days before game. Otherwise you will need to wait until after that game and apply the XP expenditure to the next game.

6. During the first 30 minutes after game on, please do not approach the ST’s for scenes or rules clarifications unless prompted by an ST. Use this time to roleplay and to ease into the session.

7. Allied Powers uses Puppet Prince as the online database for character sheets and announcements. All players are responsible for the upkeep of their sheets. Special arrangements can be made for players without computer access.

8. We are on the honor system. It is assumed that all sheets will reflect abilities, powers, etc, legitimately purchased with character creation points and subsequent XP. It is also expected that players will only declare traits, powers, etc, that they currently possess on their sheets. Any violations of these rules will result in disciplinary action, up to and including GNC of the character and permanent ejection from Allied Powers. Sheets will be audited quarterly.

9. All items and equipment must be recorded with Staff and must be represented by a card. These must be signed off by a staff member and kept on you at all times. You may not use an item that you do not have a card for.

Abilities, Powers, and Traits (aka the stuff you really want to know about)

Character Creation – Per LotH:R, except for the following:

  • Traits: the starting traits are instead to 7-5-3.

  • Purchasing Numinae: Instead of the regular rules for purchasing powers, players will have 12 points available to spend on Numinae. These points can be used to purchase other stats (abilities, backgrounds, etc) in place of Numinae.

  • Humanity: At this time, we will be disregarding the Humanity rules. We ask that you do the same. We may utilize them later.

Numinae - Numinae is the name given in the oWoD to describe power attributable to enlightened humans, the faithful, or those who practice “hedge” magic.

Numinae Paradigms: Numinae is divided into 3 general categories: Psychic Phenomena, Sorcery, and Theurgy. At character creation, these paradigms are mutually exclusive to players; you may start your character with only one. This paradigm will define you character’s powers for the majority of his/her life. The Numinae powers in LotH:R all fall under one of these paradigms, with a few exceptions. You may only choose Numinae under your chosen paradigm.

  • XP Costs: The first “Path” of these Paradigms is purchased @ normal “In Clan” costs (3, 6, and 9). Subsequent “Paths” within the same Paradigm are purchased @ “Out of Clan” costs (4, 7, and 10).
  • Spells and rituals: Additional Spells and Rituals cost standard Ritual costs (2, 4, and 6).

    NOTE: It is NOT necessary to choose a paradigm at character creation. Nor are you required to ever use Numinae. In fact, that will be a completely viable choice for some players, as they will find themselves far more specialized in skills and backgrounds than the character that buys Numinae powers.

Abilities - As with all MET games, abilities are used for various purposes. They denote how skilled you are at something, sometimes lending traits to challenges as well as acting as retests. Other times they allow you access to information or allow you to perform feats that those without the ability cannot.

  • Ability Specialization -At the purchase of a 3rd dot of an ability, you are able to specialize in an aspect of it. This will provide the standard +1 trait during challenges.
  • Linguistics Ability - One trait per language. You must describe how you are learning the language. Certain languages may take longer to learn depending on the character's current known languages. ST's discretion.
  • Restricted Powers – These powers may not be taken at this time: Psychic Phenomenon: Cyberkinesis and Cyberpathy, Sorcery:Conveyance
  • Restricted Merits/Flaws - These may not be taken at this time: Pale Aura, Kinain, Kinfolk, Ghoul, Gnosis, Spectre Meat, Wyrm Tainted, Natural Linguist.

    Notes about Allied Powers:

    All Players are playing different people fighting the same evil. That isn’t to say that all of the players’ motivations or even their goals are the same. One player could be playing a British SAS operative who is trying desperately to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on a powerful relic in order to keep his island safe, while another player could be playing a member of a secret occult society who wants the relic for it’s own sinister purposes. While you’re all “on the same side”, how much you’re on that side really depends on you. That being said, the staff considers this to be a troupe-style game, and gameplay is targeted as such. Concepts that are deliberately antagonistic may, at ST discretion, be disallowed.

    Although the game uses MET rules, it is not set in the World of Darkness. While you may run into creatures that you might see in that world, they are not the creatures you are familiar with, and thus, may have powers and abilities vastly different from their oWoD counterparts.

    For example, the Vampire that you might be battling may only be throwing 14 traits (equivalent to an 8th Gen Vampire) but might be throwing Flower of Death (Celerity 7, available to 6th Gen Vampires) at you. And don’t be surprised when the Satyr you are harassing decides to hit you with the Red Talon gift Babble, just to be a jerk.
    And there is always a chance that you might pick up a trick or two as well…